Short Stories:

Traces” – The Magnolia Review (PDF download)

“False Spring” – Entropy Magazine

“Fries and Coffee”The Corvus Review

Supercuts” – Duende Literary Journal

Three Pieces” – Halfway Down the Stairs

“Stew” – Stoneboat Journal



Breathe and Push: Being a Better Ally” – Women Who Submit Lit

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: The Power of Narrative and Community Amid Chaos” – Entropy Magazine

On Saying Yes: Fight the Fear“- Women Who Submit

What Would George Clooney Do?” –Arts Collide

A Cricket in Union Station: 90x90LA” – Cultural Weekly

Dino Porn and Resourceful Writers”SF Signal’s Mind Meld

Genre in, Genre Out: On Being Transgenred” – guest blog

Demons” – inspiration2publication

It’s Time for Moms to Stop Judging Each Other” – Role Reboot

The People’s Library” – Annotation Nation

and all sorts of annotations:

Annotation Nation.com

Flash Fiction:

Not Yet” – Barren Magazine

The Weight of Things” – Gemini Magazine

sadness is contagious, but happiness is harder to recover from” – The Citron Review

Sat Nam” – The Citron Review

“Godspell”The Hoot Review

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