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4-Week Class

Grammar Redux: Comprehensive Tools for Writers

A crash course and a playful boot camp on grammar for those who’ve forgotten, were never taught properly in the first place, or just tuned out during that class.

You may be a very good writer, but find grammar a challenge. It is the bugbear of writers. Teachers berated you for it, editors red-pen you for it, your stories suffer for it. The truth is, it’s simply a box of tools which is extremely handy for any writer.  It was often taught so drily that our eyes glazed over the moment the teacher began the lesson.

Fortunately, Karen Elizabeth Gordon, a writer, saw the difficulty in scholarly grammar books and put together the infinitely readable The Transitive Vampire: The Ultimate Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager and the Doomed. Her comprehensive approach has made definitions and examples so simple and concrete that I used it to complement my kids’ schoolbooks. They came away with a more solid grasp on grammar than I had growing up and in teaching them, I found that I had at my fingertips, better tools with which to approach my craft. I also knew with a newfound comprehension what the heck my editor was talking about when he said things like “parallelism” or “misused gerund” or “dangling modifier.”

Over the course of six weeks, we will review the basic tools of grammar in a playful, hilarious way, and glance over some of the more erudite terminology. Each week we will give a quiz, not for a grade, but as a way to test your comprehension of the subject. My hope is that you walk away from this class confident in the tools that make your writing work, better able to approach the editing process and that you will be able to submit your work to journals, agents and magazines with more confidence. If you are a writer who edits on the side, you will also be armed with the terminology to back up your changes.


April 16 – May 14, 2018


Identify parts of speech and their uses

Develop a comprehensive vocabulary for identifying and talking about grammar

Develop tools to take back to creative writing

Develop tools useful in editing, workshopping or reviewing other writers’ work.


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