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4-week Online Class / $199
June 7-28

Asynchronous – learn at your own pace, on your own time


*To learn the basics of screenplay structure and scene.

*To learn how to create a pitch that will both further your screenwriting and help eventually sell others on the idea of your screenplay

*To come away with a solid take on Act I of your screenplay.


Week 1: Scene

What makes a good scene? What are your basic elements and who are your main characters? Through scene you will be able to get to know your characters and what they want and be able to launch forward. Examples of great scenes will be given in class.

Week 2: The Three Act Structure

A movie’s blueprint. We will go over what needs to happen in three acts, with emphasis on the characters and situation you’ve created. We will ask questions of your story and get a solid sketch of an outline with which to move forward.

Week 3: The Pitch:

In screenwriting the pitch is everything! I will give you the basics of what makes a solid pitch, both elevator length and two page submission-worthy pitch. You will, having outlined your story, work it into a pitch to share with your classmates and workshop.

Week 4: Act I the Workshop:

By now you will have written Act I! We will discuss your work in a workshop environment and come up with an action plan for continuing your screenplay outside of class

Manuscript Consultation and Writing Coaching:

I’ve been writing in one form or another for most of my life, productively for twenty five years, and my favorite thing to do is help other writers. I did it in my Hollywood executive days, working with professional screenwriters, cracking stories, helping make scripts stronger to get producers moving on them. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of writer friends and students with careful reading and notes, because what drives me nuts is when good people give up on good ideas.

I’m not here to teach you writing. You’re already writing, that’s why you’re here. But I can promise you, I have tons of tools I’ve gained over my twenty-five years of writing and teaching and mentoring experience that can help you on this maddening journey from idea to revision to book or screenplay. So many times we go from mind-blowing fantastic idea to the slog in the middle where we’ve lost our way and faith in our work and sometimes as far as the dreaded words, “Aw, it wasn’t such a great idea to begin with.” We all have demons that whisper in our ears, “You aren’t good enough, what’s this about anyway? Why are you writing at all?”

In my role as your book coach, I intend to help you quell those demons, find the natural strengths in your writing and get your head back into the story that had you sit down in the first place. I believe that by asking questions of your story, your characters, your themes, we can help you serve your book, which is its own animal, and help make it the best that it can be.

Along the way, I hope to give you tools that you can take back to your writing, because I hope that you, like me, are trying to get better at what you do every time you sit down to write.

I look forward to working with you.

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