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ONLINE CLASS: SUBMIT! How to Get Your Work Out there

Each time I offer this class, students write back letting me know they’ve been published!

You can write and write and get better, but unless you submit your work widely, it might never meet its readers. Submitting your work takes courage, persistence and knowhow. So many people give up after one or two rejections. Learn how to effectively submit your fiction, non-fiction, poetry and articles to literary journals, online journals and other publications.

September 25 – October 9, 2017

2-Week Class


In a two week intensive course, I’ll walk you through the submission process for fiction, non-fiction and poetry, from scouting websites and journals to how to get over yourself, move past the rejection process and use submission for what it is: just another everyday part of the business.


*Learn the ins and outs of literary journals, what they look for and how they work

*Create your own list of journals or publications open to your kind of work

*Submit a piece (or several pieces) of your work at least five places

*Obtain the tools to keep submitting on your own well into the future


Week One: The Lay of the Land
We’ll discuss what’s out there publication-wise: the ins and outs of various types of journals and various types of submissions and we’ll create a plan for what you want from your work as you send it out in the world.

You’ll become acquainted with Duotrope, which will help you navigate the world of literary journals and will help you in your submission plan. (note this service costs $5.00 to be paid to DuoTrope) You will also learn how to keep track of where you submit your work and how to gauge editors’ responses.

Week Two: Submit!
I’ll walk you through query letters, submission letters, how to approach editors and how to see the positive in rejections. You’ll submit at least five places and finish class armed with the tools and knowledge to keep getting your work out there as you forge forward in your writing career.


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